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VC++2017 버전에서 클래스 위저드에서 클래스 추가시 아래처럼 MFC Class.. 외에 3개의 선택이 가능하다. 

VC++ 2019 부터는 붉은박스 부분의 3종의 클래스 추가 기능이 제거되어 사용불가함. 




MS사에서 VC++2019 부터는 해당 기능을 제거하기로 했다고 함. 



Add a class from an ActiveX control

Add a class from an ActiveX control In this article --> Use this wizard to create an MFC class from an interface in an available ActiveX control. You can add an MFC class to an MFC application, an MFC DLL, or an MFC ActiveX control. Warning In Visual Studi

위 경로의 경고 문구. 



In Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9, Microsoft deprecated this code wizard, and we will remove it in a future version of Visual Studio. This wizard is rarely used. General support for ATL and MFC isn't impacted by the removal of this wizard. If you would like to share your feedback about this deprecation, complete this survey. Your feedback matters to us.



MS커뮤니티에 올라온 질답. 


Can not find "MFC Class from Activex Control" - Developer Community

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