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Kalman filter 와 동일용어 : Linear Quadratic Estimation (LQE)
Kalman Filter 활용목적
노이즈 포함 정확하지 않은 데이터들로부터 좀더 정확한 값을 추정하고자 함. 

Kalman Filter 알고리즘. 
아래 Step1, Step2 의 반복적( recursive ) 적용.
Step1 : Prediction 
In the prediction step, the Kalman filter produces estimates of the current state variables, along with their uncertainties.
Step2 : Update
Once the outcome of the next measurement (necessarily corrupted with some amount of error, including random noise) is observed, these estimates are updated using a weighted average, with more weight being given to estimates with higher certainty. 





The Kalman filter keeps track of the estimated state of the system and the variance or uncertainty of the estimate. The estimate is updated using a state transition model and measurements. x ^ k ∣ k − 1 {\displaystyle {\hat {x}}_{k\mid k-1}}

denotes the estimate of the system's state at time step k before the k-th measurement yk has been taken into account; P k ∣ k − 1 {\displaystyle P_{k\mid k-1}}

is the corresponding uncertainty. 









Kalman filter 활용예. 센서류


가속도 자이로 센서 출력 데이터에 칼만필터적용.


아래 동영상에서 imu 센서 로데이터 만으로 처리된것이 왼쪽, kalman filter 적용한 것이 오른쪽것.

센서 출력값 자체보다는 Kalman 필터 적용된 것이 각도 상태를 더 잘보여주고 있다. 




금융 시계열 데이터에 칼만 필터 적용예

가격 방향예측시 사용 :


Using the Kalman Filter for price direction prediction

For successful trading, we almost always need indicators that can separate the main price movement from noise fluctuations. In this article, we consider one of the most promising digital filters, the Kalman filter. The article provides the description of h






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